User Guide

What is a Company?

A Company is the main Entity.  All the data that is created belongs to the Company  When a Company is created, the data is organized by company in the datastore and the operations performed applies to the Company only.

My Companies

The companies that are created by you are showing this section

My Other Companies

Other administrators of the company that has invited you to access the company with specific permissions

What is a Party?

A party is any Person/Company/Team/LegalAuthority that the Tenant is dealing with


Here, parties can be invited to do operations on the Company.  A party is invited using the following steps
Click on 'Share Company' link on the top
A list of available parties in the company are displayed
Click on the 'Invite' button
Details and Permissions for the Party is given using the Wizard
Details:  Input the login email of the Party
Input the 'From' date and 'Thru' date the party can access the company
Permissions: Give the necessary permissions for the Party

Invite by Admin

Currently only Admin of the Company can invite other Parties.

Company Setup

Go to Accounting->Setup.  A wizard is shown with the following
  • Company Settings:  Enter the display name, legal name and the applicable registration number for the company
  • Fiscal Setting:  Enter the Currency and the Fiscal Year beginning
  • Chart of Accounts:  Here the default chart of accounts are displayed along with their Account class classification.

Adding a Chart Of Account

Go to Accounting->Setup. In the wizard, go to Chart Of Accounts page.  Click on 'Add New Account'.  Give the name of the Account, Account Id and the Account class.

What is Account Class

Every Chart Of Account has a Account Class.  The Account Class is used to prepare the Balance Sheet and other reports. 

Categories and Products

Go to Accounting->Products.  Here new Prodcucts and Categories are created. A product can be classified into multiple categories.  A category can have multiple products

What is a Category

A category is a means of grouping the products for convenience.

Adding a product to a Category

Create a new product.  The click on 'Add to Category' and choose the category.