Receipt Note (Receiving goods)

After creating Purchase Invoice we need to receive the goods.  In AccountingGuru, we can receive all the goods at once or if partially come, we can receive partially also.

To receive goods, go to Purchase -> Purchase Order as shown below

Click on Find Purchase Order

Once we click on Find Purchase Order, the below screen appears.  If you know the Vendor name Type it in the text box and click onFind or you can find by created date.  If you do not anythig, just click on Find as shown below

When we click on Find, it displays all the Purchase orders in a list.  Choose the Purchase order which you want to convert by click on it as shown below

The below screen appears.  Click on the link Make Receipt Note which is at the bottom of the page as shown below.

The below screen appears.  Check everything and feed in your delivery method and click on Save as shown below.

If you receive partial goods, Qty is editable.  You can change the Qty and click on save.  On the successful creation the following screen appears.