Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order

Pre-requisites     -     Purchase Order

We know how to create a purchase order.  This page teaches us on how to create a Purchase Invoice from Purchase order or o how to convert the Purchase order to a Purchase Invoice.

To create purchase invoice from purchase order or convert a purchase order to a purchase invoice, go to Purchase -> Purchase Order as shown below

In the next screen, click on Find Purchase Order as shown below.

Once we click on Find Purchase Order, the below screen appears.  If you know the Vendor name Type it in the text box and click on Find or you can find by created date.  If you do not anythig, just click on Find as shown below

When we click on Find, it displays all the Purchase orders in a list.  Choose the Purchase order which you want to convert by click on it as shown below

The below screen appears.  Check all the details and click on Make Invoice link as shown below to convert the PO to PI

Below screen appears when we click on Make Invoice.  Choose the Due date, if you have any reference number you can feed in. Choose the cost center  and warehouse if you have.  Check all the details and choose the Tax.  After checking everything clikc on Calc Total and click on Save to finish the convertion as shown below

On the successful creation the below screen appears.