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Validation of Invoices /Payments

We have seen how the fiscal year or the time period is created. It was mentioned that the primary objective to create this  is to reduce the data entry errors.
Let's see how this is validated when entry is done.


For example, let's assume that an accounting personnel is accounting for the year 2012 , but by mistake enters as 2013.

What happens...


Firstly,  go to 

  • Accounting tab->Invoice 
  • Click on "New Cash Invoice".
When date 16/03/2013 is entered instead of 2012, the system pops up a message " Not within the Time Period Range"
By this message the data entry errors are reduced.
Similarly for payments, 
  • Click on "Accounting Tab" ->Payments-> New Payment
When accounting date is entered as "2013" instead of "2012"  i.e. which does not pertain to the fiscal year of accounting then the system prompts “ Not within the Time Period range" as in the below screen
Similarly the message prompts for Journal entries also