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Applying of TDS Payables against invoices

Let us see how to apply the TDS payables against the invoices. To do this go to “Accounting” menu and click on the sub menu “TDS” and again click on “Find TDS Payable”. Here for example, let’s say we have to pay Mahesh kumar for Rental commission and we have received an invoice for Rs. 1000/= and the TDS rate for Section 194H is 10%. and also created an entry for it.

Now, run the report for Mahesh kumar. The following screen appears.
Click on “Mahesh Kumar”, the following screen will appear. Here, we can see that the entry is passed for Rs.1000/= and the tds amount is Rs.100/= . Click on “Apply” to apply the amount against the invoice.

TDS recon

 Once we click on “Apply”  the system prompts  “Amount applied successfully” and highlights  the remaining amount.as in the below screen.
tds offset