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Set up Ledger for Products

The next step is to create ledger for the product "Sony Bravia TV 42 inch" created in the  previous screen.  Let's see how this is created.  Click on "Product-Taxes" in the menu bar and again click on "All Product Tax Categories" as shown below

When clicked on "All Product Tax Categories" the following screen appears.   In that click on "Edit-Product Tax"

The following screen appears when clicked on "Edit-Product Taxes"         

"Select Taxes" as shown below and click on "New Account"

  •  When clicked on "New Account" the following screen appears. Feed in the details of the product
  •  Click on "Create" as shown below.

        After creating a "New Account", click on "Update" as shown below.

  • On successful updation of "Product Ledger" the following screen appears.