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Setup a new Company

This page shows how to set up a Company in AccountingGuru.

In order to use this Software, one must have a Gmail Account.  The reason behind this is that accounting is done through google account and has the advantage of accessing the Company accounts from anywhere.  

Let us set up a Company called Anish and Co

Anish visits https://www.accounting-guru.net/     The following screen appears.  Click on 'Sign In' as shown below


 In the below screen, feed in your Gmail account details ( ID & Password) and click on sign in to log into your AccountingGuru account.
((Ex:   Anish and Co's e-Mail id is anishvs78@gmail.com.  He logs into AccountingGuru using is Gmail account as shown below )

On the successful login, the following screen appears and a request for a permission would be asked.  Click on Allow as shown below.

Once you allow, the following screen appears.  First time users can access the Demo Company.  (If you would like to create your own company and try, kindly contact us).  Demo company can be accessed by anybody.


To Create a New company, you must subscribe or get a permission from Veersoft.  Once you get the permission to Create your Company a Text box followed by Create button will be available at the bottom to create your company as shown below.

Anish Types his Company Name Anish and Co in the Text Box and clicks on Create as shown below.

Once you click on Create, you will be redirected to the following page.     

Here, Click on the drop-down menu and select your currency.  Ex: For India - Indian Rupee as shown below


Once the currency is selected, the below screen appears.  Follow the instructions given after screenshot to fill in the Company Details

1.    Select the Fiscal Year ( Ex: For India, Fiscal year starts from 1st April and Ends with 31 st March -                              01.04.2013 to 31.03.2013)
2.    Select your State / Territory
3.    Company registered address
4.    Select your City
5.    Postal Code of your area
6.    Office Telephone Number
7.    Company or Contact person Mobile Number
8.    Registror of Companies Number
9.    Company's Permanent Account Number (PAN)
10.   Company;s Transaction Authenticatin Number (TAN)
11.   Company's Tax Information Network Number (TIN)
12.   Company's Service Tax Number (ST)
13.   Company Type
14.   Company Fax Number
15.   Company's communication e-Mail ID
16.   Company's Alternate communication e-Mail ID
17.   Company's Registered Name as per credentials

Once you fill in the above details, click on Save

On the successful creation, the below screen appears.

To view all your Companies, click on the All my Companies Link on the top Right corner as shown below

The below screen appears (Home page).  Here one can view and select the company.