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Sales Quote (Quotation)


In the Sale proceedings,  Sales Quote (Quotation) is very important.  When we do the sales, it is important to send the details of the products with the price for confirmation from buyer.  Price negotiations happens with the use of the Sales quote.  AccountingGuru now provides an option to Create Sales Quotes.  This page explains how to create a Sales quote.

To create the Sales Quote, click on Sales (menu) -> Quote as shown below.

The below screen appears, click on New Quote.  (To view all the quotes you have created,  simply click on Find Quote)

In the below screen, feed in all the required details and click on Create

In the above screen, we have highlighted the text boxes with numbers.  Below are the descriptions of it.

     1.  Select the Buyer to whom you are creating the quotation.
     2.  Select the Quote preparation date
     3.  You can select the Valid upto date if required.  Some companies say that the quotation is valid for 7 days or 10 days.
     4.  Quotation comments ( In this sample quotation, we have mentioned the comment as " Quotation for Purchase of Acer Aspire M 5 
            Laptops ")
     5.  If you have multiple addresses for the same buyer, select the right address.  If you have only one, it automatically comes and you 
          can leave it as it is.
     6.  Select the Product
     7.  Description of the Product
     8.  Select the Quantity of the Product
     9.  Select the UOM(Unit of Measurement)
    10. Unit Price is the Selling Price.  If it is assigned while creating the product,  it comes automatically when you select the Product
    11. Select the TAX which is applicable
    12. Click on the Calc Total to get the Total

After feeding the right details click on Create as shown above.

On successful creation,  the below screen appears.

If it is needed to modify the Quote, simply click on Modify as shown in the above screenshot and do your changes and click on Update

This is how we can create Sales Quotes (Quotations)


Once the Sales quote is approved by the Buyer,  click on the link Convert to Invoice to convert the Sales Quote to Sales Invoice as shown below.

When we click on the Convert to Invoice, the below screen appears.  Check the details and if everything is perfect click on Calc Total.  Now, the Sales Invoice is ready to Save as draft or Create.  If you have permission to Create, click on Create or Save as Draft.  To create click on Create as shown below

On successful creation, the below screen appears