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Inventory Report

Once we have created with products with the Stock Item being checked, we will be able to track the movement of inventory and generate reports.
Let's take an example that Anish has purchased 20 Samsung LCD TV @ Rs.32000/= and made a sale of 10 Samsung LCD TV.
To generate the report, click on "Reports". The following screen appears .You will see different reports of which one is "Inventory reports". Click on "Inventory Reports."

Once we click on "Inventory Reports", the below screen appears.
Here, select From & To Date for which the inventory report is required.  Else leave it blank to generate the data till date.
If you want to see the valuation, select "Show Inventory Valuation" and click on "Find".

When we click "Find", the report is generated. 

We will be able to see the movement of inventory as appearing in the below screen.

The Inventory valuation is calculated with "Weighted average method".

Closing Stock = Opening Stock + Purchased - Sold

In the above screen it is showing the Inventory valuation as we have selected "Show Inventory valuation".  If we don't select it the report would be generated without the Valuation as shown in the below screen.