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Multi - Currency

Lot many companies having customers and branches in abroad.  Those companies want to raise their invoices in the respective countries currency.  AccountingGuru has the feature of Multi-Currency and supports the following vouchers.
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Quote
  • Receipts
  • Payments
This page explains on how to create and use Multi-Currency.
To create a new currency, open your company and go to Settings -> Company Settings as shown below

The following screen appears.  Click on Currencies as shown below
The following screen appears.  To create a Currency click on Add Currency as shown below

When we click on  Add Currency, the following fields are displayed.  Feed in the right data and click on Save as shown below

  1. Currency Symbol                -  Symbol of the Currency (Ex. $ )
  2. Currency Code                     -  A short code of the Currency (Ex. USD)
  3. No.of Decimals                     -  Decimal parts you want to use ( Ex. Normally 2 digits, 0.00)
  4. Exchange Rate (in INR)    -  Present exchange rate ( Ex. 55.00)
  5. Format                                     -  (Ex. 00,00,000.00)

On successful creation, the following screen appears

To view the list of currencies, go to Settings -> Company Settings -> Currencies -> List Currencies.  It will be displayed as below

How to use Multi-Currency:

We have seen how to create a new currency above.  Now, let us see how do we use it to create Sales & Purchase Invoices, Quote, etc..
First we need to assign currency to the customer.  It can be assigned to the existing customer or we can create a new customer with respective currency.
To assign currency to a customer, go to Masters -> List Customers as shown below.
The below screen appears with a list of all your customers.  Click on the Customer for whom you want to assign Currency.

We have a customer Nilgiri Co.  To assign currency to Nilgiri Co click on the Customer, the below screen appears click on Edit as shown below

The below screen appears, click on the Currency drop-down menu and Select USD and click on Update as shown below

On successful updation, the below screen appears.

After assigning currency to the customer, we can straightaway start creating a Sales, Purchase Invoice or a Quote.
To Create a New Sales Invoice click on Sales -> Sales Invoice ( for a brief user-guide of Creating a New Sales Invoice Click Here)
Select your customer, Ex. Nilgiri Co.  As soon as you select your customer, Currency will be displayed as below

Fill-up all the fields as you create an Invoice and click on Calc Total.
Note:  when you select a product, the Unit price will be calculated automatically in USD and displayed.  Also, when we click on Calc Total, the total will be in USD and we can see the USD symbol.

After checking all the details,  click on Create.  To receive money click on Receive Money Link and update the receipt.