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Invoice Number Series

Companies are using different numbering series for their different Invoices.  Now numbering series can be assigned in AccountingGuru.  Let's see how we can create.

Go to -> Settings as shown below

When clicked on Settings the below screen appears.  Click on - > Invoice Setup -> Sales Invoice Setup as shown below

Below screen appears.  Click on "Number Series" as shown below.

When clicked on "Number Series" the below screen appears.  Select the Invoice i.e. Sales Invoice or Cash invoice as shown below and feed in your number series in the text box as shown.

For ex. Anish wants to set up a series for his sales invoice.  He has a number series " Inv/12-13/".  He feeds it in the first text box and he wants to start the Invoice number from "1000".  He does it as shown below.  And clicks on "Add".

When clicked on "Add" a dialogue box comes, click on "Yes"

Out put comes as shown in the below sample Invoice.