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Additions & Deductions in Sales invoice


When we create a Sales invoice, we can also create new line items for eg packing charges.

Let's take an example that there is a sale to  Anand Raj of Samsung LCD 32" TV which costs RS.32000/= and also includes packing charges of Rs.2000/=.  How can we show this packing costs as a separate line item on the sales invoice.
To do this, go to Setting -> Invoice Setup.  When you place the cursor on the "Invoice setup" you will be able to see 2 options.
          (1) Purchase Invoice setup 
          (2) Sales Invoice Setup 

Click on "Sales Invoice setup".  When you click on it you will see 2 tabs. 

        (1) Other line items 
        (2) Print

Click on "Other Line items" and the following screen appears

Here click on "Additions" to create a line for packing charages in the invoice.  Once we click on "Additions" the below screen appears

Type "Packing charges" and click on "Create".  We have now created the line item.  Let's raise a "Sales Invoice".

Go to "Accounting -> New Sales Invoice".  The following screen appears wherein we click on "Additions" and click on "Calculate tax and grand total".  You will find that the total amount includes the packing charges. Now click on "Approve" to complete the sale invoice transaction.

The same process can be followed for deductions.