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Creating the first sales Invoice

Setup the Company
Setup Customers
Setup Taxes
Setup Products

This page describes the steps to successfully create the First Sales Invoice for the Company Anish is ready to create his First sales Invoice.  Let's see how he is creating the first sales invoice.  Click on "Invoice" in the menu and click on "New Sales Invoice" as shown below.

When clicked on
"New Sales Invoice" the following screen appears.Just enter the first letter of the customer, the list of customers will be appeared and can select to whom want to sell.
Select the due date if it is necessary. 
Can give a ref.no as well as comments
Select the customers address.
Select the product which you are selling and quantity.  When quantity is selected, the amount is calculated automatically.
Click on "Calc Tax and grand total" as shown below.

When "Clicked" on
"Calc Tax and Grand Total" the grand total is calculated automatically as shown below.
Click on "Submit for approval"

If everything is fine
click on "Approve"
First sales invoice is created successfully and waiting for payment.