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Create the First Purchase Invoice

Setup a new company
Setup Products
Setup Taxes
This page describes how to Create the First Purchase Invoice for the company. 
  • Click on "Invoice" in the menu tab, click on "New Purchase Invoice" as shown below.
  • When clicked on "New Purchase Invoice" the following screen appears.
  • Feed in the details.  If the Purchase is with "C" Form, check on "C Form" check box, without "C" Form uncheck the check box.
  • Select Tax.
  • Click on "Calc Tax and Grand Total" as shown below.
  • When clicked on "Calc Tax and Grand Total" the total is calculated.
  • Click on "Submit for Approval"
  • The first Purchase Invoice is ready.  Click on "Approve"
  • The following screen appears when clicked on " Approve" 
The First Purchase Invoice is created successfully.