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Sales Invoice from Delivery note

Pre-requisites    :        Create Deliver Note
This page describes on how to create a Sales Invoice from Delivery note.
To create a Sales Invoice from Delivery note, click on Inventory -> Delivery Note as shown below

In the Next screen, click on Find Delivery Note as shown below

In the next screen, if you know name, give the name and click on find button.  You can search by Customer name or a time period. If you do not have any details just click find and it will display all the delivery notes created by you.  You can select the Delivery which you want.

When Find is clicked, it will display the Delivery notes select the one which you want.

When you select the Delivery note, the following screen appears.  Click on Raise Sales Invoice link as shown below

When you click on Raise Sales Invoice, it opens the Sales Invoice creation page.  Do the necessary corrections and add the required details and click on =Calc Total as shown below.

After doing the above, click on Save as shown below.

On the successful creation, the following screen appears.