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Create Address (Mahesh Kumar)

                Prerequisites            Setup a new Company
                                                    Setup Customers


        After a successful Setting up a Customer (Mahesh Kumar) Anish wants to add "contact information (Address)" for 
        Mahesh Kumar.

        Anish clicks on "Customers" in the menu then on "List Customers" in the sub-menu. The following screen appears. 

        Click on the customer "Mahesh Kumar" to update the details.

        The following screen appears. Click on " Create New Address " as shown below.

        When you click on "Create New Address" a pop-up window appears.  Here, update the contact details and click on "Create" as 
        shown below


        Once we click on "Create", the contact details of the customer "Mahesh kumar" gets updated.

        In the above screen, amendments can be done in "Personal Information" also. 

        Click on "Edit" to do amendments in the "Personal Information".