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AccountingGuru instructions

    This page describes how to download the files needed for TALLY from AccountingGuru

    Anish wants to download the AccountingGuru data file and export the data’s to TALLY.

  • LogIn with your google account
  • Select your company
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "Tally Export" as shown below

    The following page appears when click on "Tally Export"

  • Click on "Next"
    The following screen appears and displays all the ledgers you have in AccountingGuru.  Here, you should map AccountingGuru ledgers                                             
    to Tally Groups and Sub-Groups
  • Use the "Drop down" menu under the Tally Group for mapping
  • Once you done with the mappings,  click on "Export" which is at the bottom of the page as shown below

    When "Export" is clicked, the following screen appears

    Your date file would be on your mail.  Open your Gmail, open the mail which you have received from AccountingGuru.

    There are two files attached with in the mail.
  • Click on download and save both the files into your system

    After downloading open the "Masters" file and follow the below instructions 
  • Click on File -> Save As...
    When you click on "Save As..." a pop-up window opens.
  • Leave the File Name as it is
  • Select "Save as Type" and select "XLS or XLSX" as shown below
  • Click on "Save" as shown below

    Follow the same steps to convert the "Transactions.csv" file to "Transactions.xls"
    Now your Excel files is ready to be put into "Tally"
    Open the  " TALLY Instructions" page and follow the steps to upload your datas to TALLY